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Congragulations On Your Engagement!

Every wedding is a special chapter in a love story.

Whether you are planning a large formal wedding, a small casual affair, or just want to say "I DO"; You and I can create a personal and meaningful wedding ceremony that is right for you.

As your officiant, I will work with you both to create a ceremony that reflects the personalities and ideals the two of you most cherish. 

Together we will create a ceremony that is about you and your journey together. 

Lets Make Your Ceremony Special

I can help with any or all of the following services: 

Personalized Weddings

Love is Love

Celebration of Diversity 

Interfaith Marriages

Vow Renewals 

Ordinary to Extraordinary Ceremonies

I have experience working with over a 1000 couples and I know that every couple is unique. Together we can make your ceremony reflect your personality, lifestyle, family traditions and spiritual beliefs.

This may include assiting you with your vows or including any one of the following: 

Oathing Stones                            Sand Ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony              Breaking of the Glass

Wine Ceremony                           Family Gift Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony             Rememberance of Loved Ones

Tea Ceremony                               Wedding Stefana

Learning and Sharing Other Cultural Traditions                              

About Me

I believe in love and marriage. 

I have been married for more than forty years to my best friend and husband; We have a wonderful family. We have two children who have gone on to have long lasting relationships and have brought us our three jewels, our grandchildren. 

In 2004, when it looked like Massachusetts was going to be the first state to legalize gay marriage, I decide to become a Justice of the Peace. I wanted to be there and ready for anyone who wanted to make that life commitment to one another. I truly believe that loving someone and being loved by them is one of the greatest gifts in life. 

I value what my marriage has meant to my life and look forward to being a part of your promises to one another.

Freuqently Asked Questions

What Are The Marriage Requirements?

The only requirement for a marriage ceremony is a valid Massachusetts marriage license. 

How do we Obtain a Marriage License in Massachusetts?

Together you must go to any city or town clerk in Massachusetts to file your inentions to marry. You must show the clerk a valid form of identification. Expect to pay a fee of twenty to fifty dollars to the City Clerk. You must wait three days to PICK UP  your marriage license. You do not have to go to the city or town in which you reside and you do not have to prove residency.  

Your officiant must complete the license and return it to the city or town where it was issued, That is the only place where your license will be registered. 

You can go back to the clerk about ten days after the ceremony to obtain certified copies to use. 

How Long is the Marriage License Valid?

Your licnese is valid for SIXTY DAYS from the date of filing.  

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