Priscilla Geaney                                                              Justice of the Peace
Commonwealth of  Massachusetts

Filing of Marriage Intentions

The only requirement for a Marriage Ceremony

is a Valid Massachusetts Marriage License.

To obtain a Marriage License in Massachusetts:

Together you must go to ANY City or Town Clerk in Massachusetts to "File your Intentions."

You must show the City Clerk a valid form of identification.

Expect to pay a fee of twenty to fifty dollars to the City Clerk.

You must wait three days to PICK UP your Marriage License.

You do NOT have to go to the city or town in which you reside.

You do NOT have to prove residency.

You are NOT required to obtain a Blood Test.

The Justice of the Peace must sign the license and return it to the city or town where it was issued.

That is the only place where the license will be registered.

Your license is valid for SIXTY DAYS from the date of the filing.

For more information see Marriage Intentions Instructions

Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Priscilla Geaney
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